Buriani Literacy Recovery and Enhancement Programs

Buriani Literacy Recovery and Enhancement Programs

Get Ahead!
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Literacy Recovery Programs for Grade Prep to Grade 3
Literacy Enhancement Programs for Grade 4 to Grade 6.

Give your child the educational edge!

The Tutor Place is an educational service which provides specialist literacy intervention targeting Pre Prep, Primary and Secondary levels.
All the literacy recovery and enhancement sessions offered at The Tutor Place use the Buriani programs which focus on learning strategies and explicitly teach all components in literacy including:

•	Phonological awareness
•	Analogies
•	Onsets and Rimes
•	Spelling
•	Vocabulary
•	Making and Breaking Words
•	Grammar
•	Reading
•	Comprehension
•	Writing

The programs support children who are struggling at reading, writing, spelling, comprehension and expressive oral language or children who are operating at a mainstream level who wish to further advance their literacy skills. They aim to enhance literacy knowledge and language strategies in all of the macro skills with positive quality outcomes. They  also encourage students to work independently and with confidence at their level of proficiency.

Assessments for private tuition are administered for students in order to arrange a placement and tailor a program according to the literacy needs of the student.

Secondary English Tuition is also provided to assist students in learning and developing essential skills for senior comprehension, text analysis, issues analysis and writing in various genres.

All teachers are fully qualified with experience and trained in the Buriani programs.